Crocheting Yarnbomb Projects

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A month ago I put up a crochet yarnbomb in a funny little “park” in Santa Clara, CA. My motivation for this yarnbomb was to practice my crochet, and to play around with beatifying chain link fences (which are among the … Read More

Linoleum Block Printing

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I really wanted to try out linoleum block printing, so I decided to attempt carving my favorite Salt piece in the Marin Headlands (which has been painted over!) – the same inspiration as an early cross stitch.

Graffiti Cross Stitch

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My favorite piece of graffiti is by the artist Salt, and exists in the Marin Headlands on Hill 88 (an old abandoned Nike Missile site). My goal was to turn it into a cross stitch, but it’s a pretty complicated piece of … Read More