Sprout Patterns & 2 Archer Button Ups

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Over time, I’ve learned to choose my creative projects wisely. When you make and make and make, you tend to accumulate stuff. Every kind of craft needs its own set of tools. Every project needs materials. Every completed item needs … Read More

Tessellated Owl iPad Sleeve

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I recently made an iPad version of my Owl Laptop Sleeve. At first, I thought this was going to be super easy. My first sleeve went so smoothly and the only major issues were the velcro size and placement (easy … Read More

Laptop Sleeve

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I made a sleeve for my laptop! I thought this was the perfect project for my owl tessellation fabric – it’s a little too loud to be made into a dress or clothing but works well as an accessory. I did … Read More

Patchwork Wings Halloween Costume

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It’s finished! A project that I started back in May, and finally finished this weekend, just in time for Halloween. Patchwork wings! Not the best picture, admittedly… hopefully I’ll get some better shots on Halloween once I complete my full … Read More

Soft Circuits

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Workshop Weekend was the weekend following Maker Faire. A bunch of arts/crafts/tech places in the Bay Area were holding workshops where you could learn awesome new skills, from cheese making to working with EL wire. There were a ton of interesting … Read More