Mario Question Block Earrings

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Or: How to convert pixel images into cross stitch. I made a series of pixellated cross stitch pieces some time ago and the question block earrings are my favorites. Converting images into cross stitch patterns is not terribly difficult, though it … Read More

UNO Card Earrings

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I have a bunch of old school UNO cards from when I was younger. They’re much nicer in design than the current UNO decks, and all the variations of them. Several years ago when I first moved out here I was playing … Read More

Mette Ring Earrings

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I was playing around with Mette Rings, which are modular origami creations made from either 10 or 18 of the same unit. What this basically means is that you can fold the same shape a ton of times, and then assemble all … Read More