Mario Question Block Earrings

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Or: How to convert pixel images into cross stitch. I made a series of pixellated cross stitch pieces some time ago and the question block earrings are my favorites. Converting images into cross stitch patterns is not terribly difficult, though it … Read More

DIY Merit Skill Badges

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My first prototypes of merit skill badges!! I’ve decided to brainstorm skills I may acquire in the (hopefully not to distant) future and convert them into badges. My first idea was a climbing badge. Even though I just started climbing … Read More

CNC Embroidery: Line Drawings

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For my second session with the CNC Embroiderer, I decided to focus on line drawings. I thought maybe I could trace some complicated drawings and have the CNC Embroiderer do them in a simple running stitch. So that’s what I did. … Read More

Meatburger Cat Sampler

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In the spirit of getting started now and figuring things out later, I reserved the embroidery machine for 4 hours last night. On Thursday, I spent several hours drawing a meatburger cat on Illustrator and fumbling my way through the embroidery … Read More

Needlepoint Magazine Holder

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I have a collection of small zines and wanted to create a special holder for them. I originally was going to purchase a pre-made magazine holder and decorate it, but then I stumbled upon the book Stitch Sampler at Downtown Menlo … Read More