Crocheting Yarnbomb Projects

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A month ago I put up a crochet yarnbomb in a funny little “park” in Santa Clara, CA. My motivation for this yarnbomb was to practice my crochet, and to play around with beatifying chain link fences (which are among the … Read More

Mario Question Block Earrings

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Or: How to convert pixel images into cross stitch. I made a series of pixellated cross stitch pieces some time ago and the question block earrings are my favorites. Converting images into cross stitch patterns is not terribly difficult, though it … Read More

Interview at Ishknits’ blog!

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Just a quick note that I’ve been interviewed about my yarnbombs over at Ishknits’ blog. Ishknits (Jessie Hemmons) is a famous yarnbomber from Philly. Her Skillshare class motivated me to put up my first piece – I highly recommend it!

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