Crocheting Yarnbomb Projects

Crocheting Yarnbomb Projects

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A month ago I put up a crochet yarnbomb in a funny little “park” in Santa Clara, CA. My motivation for this yarnbomb was to practice my crochet, and to play around with beatifying chain link fences (which are among the biggest blights of any city). Within mere hours of its installation, someone had removed one of my granny squares! I went back and forth about whether to replace it… and decided to accept the missing square as a casualty of public art and let it be. It’s a month later and nothing else has gone missing.


Now that “winter” has reached California, the rainy season is upon us! (Or hopefully will be soon with the drought…) I’m brainstorming ways to continue my yarn art despite the rain. Water tends to make pieces stretch and sag, and no one wants to lock their bike up to a soggy rack. I’m scoping out dry and possibly indoor locations for my next pieces.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing around by yarnbombing objects in my home. Meet Cuddle Pig and his new sweater.


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