Meatburger Cat Sampler

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In the spirit of getting started now and figuring things out later, I reserved the embroidery machine for 4 hours last night. On Thursday, I spent several hours drawing a meatburger cat on Illustrator and fumbling my way through the embroidery machine software to make a file for the machine to print. I came up with the Illustrator file above.

Cute, right?! 🙂 I added some text in the embroidery design software, but didn’t take a screenshot of the finished image.

I came in last night, determined to leave with a meatburger cat badge of my very own. I had some difficulties finding the exact materials in order to make a free standing badge so I ended up just embroidering onto a remnant I found. I had the most difficult time getting the file to actually show up on the computer (it took me about 40 minutes to make it work, and it was because I was stupidly saving my file with the wrong extension). Once it finally got printing, I just had to sit back and change the thread colors. Easy.

I thought the MBC turned out amazingly well – might want to make his ear a little more defined. The circle didn’t quite match up with itself (you can see in the top right) – I think this is because I was adjusting the tension as it printed, and the fabric might not have been stable enough for the thread density. I’ll have to experiment more and see. The letters were a bit messy too, so I wanted to experiment around with different fonts, and also different textures for the MBC. I ended up making a MBC sampler of sorts.

I had the hardest time getting the letters to look good. I’m not happy with any of them. I just felt like I couldn’t get the tension right, but maybe my fabric (and a dull needle??) had something to do with it. I’ll need to experiment more.

I decided to end the night by printing a giant MCB, with the star patterned texture (a superstar meatburger cat!). A picture of the underlay is above – it’s the silver outline – which I think is beautiful in its own way and really fascinating

This design also gave me a ton of trouble – I tried printing another version directly before this and had to stop because of some intense puckering of the fabric. I double thickness-ed it for this version, but then the machine was making some very questionable choices in its embroidery stitch order – jumping all over, leaving these extended loose threads trails. I have no idea why it was doing that – maybe because I attempted to scale up the star pattern? Anyway, at that point it was super late and I decided to call it a night and figure it out sometime when I had more patience and was less tired.

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