CNC Embroidery: Line Drawings

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For my second session with the CNC Embroiderer, I decided to focus on line drawings. I thought maybe I could trace some complicated drawings and have the CNC Embroiderer do them in a simple running stitch. So that’s what I did. … Read More

Meatburger Cat Sampler

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In the spirit of getting started now and figuring things out later, I reserved the embroidery machine for 4 hours last night. On Thursday, I spent several hours drawing a meatburger cat on Illustrator and fumbling my way through the embroidery … Read More

“Garden of Your Mind” Cross Stitch

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I love Mr. Rogers! A few weeks ago, PBS released a video of him, remixed by Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell entitled “Garden of Your Mind”. It’s apparently the first in a larger series of commissioned remixes of PBS … Read More

Blicket (Novel Object) Screenprint!

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I finally used my silk screen! I’ve carried this around for (!!) 7 years or so. That’s pretty crazy. The occasion: our lab end-of-the-year celebration. In my lab, we teach children made up words. We have to find objects to represent … Read More