Chicago: Cross Stitch Font Project

Chicago: Cross Stitch Font Project

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In making my Jack Bauer Cross Stitch, I had such difficulty finding an adequate font for my Bauer quote. All the cross stitch fonts I came across were flowery, cursive capitals. I eventually settled on a backstitched Monaco, but I really think there is a need for some sort of library of cross stitched fonts. It would be a fun challenge to collect and adapt them.

So, I started with Chicago. Chicago was one of the bitmap fonts present on the original Macs. (It was also used on older versions of the iPod.) Because it’s a pixel font, it easily transfers to cross stitch.

It’s a great font, simple and chunky. It wasn’t until I added Chicago in black that I recognized the similarity to the Helvetica movie cover. Subconscious imitation? I’m thinking of doing Courier or a cross stitched Monaco next.

If you know of any online cross stitch font directories, please let me know!

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