Monopoly Money Mette Ring Origami Earrings

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The first post I ever made on this blog was for my Mette Ring Earrings. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but I have to say, those are some of my favorite ones. I got really into modular origami when I used to work at UC Berkeley. The previous lab manager had left this amazing modular buckyball soccer ball-esque origami piece a participant had made during a study. I saw it every day, wondered how it was made, and finally, though the magic of extensive googling, discovered how to construct one. It opened up a whole new world of modular origami for me, and I spent months making all sorts of rings, stars, cubes and balls.

I started revisiting Mette rings recently in order to improve upon my design. Things I wanted to try out:

  • varnish – how to make my origami more durable
  • alternative papers – what else can I used besides standard papers?

Varnish is something I’ve strayed away from, because it changes the whole character of the paper. One thing I like about origami is how soft and fragile the paper can be, while also having these really hard, crisp lines. Adding varnish makes everything hard. But all in all, I do think it’s an improvement. Varnish keeps all the pieces together and adds a bit of shine.

I went with the Monopoly money for the paper because it has such an interesting texture. I don’t think you realize when playing the game, but the money is covered in these delicate lines and patterns. When I started folding the pieces, I alternated the points – switching between the textured end and the dollar amount end – to create a larger pattern. I also like how they’re not immediately recognizable as Monopoly bills.

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