UNO Card Earrings

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I have a bunch of old school UNO cards from when I was younger. They’re much nicer in design than the current UNO decks, and all the variations of them.

Several years ago when I first moved out here I was playing around with them (I’m not really a big fan of the UNO game, so I was playing around with them and scissors) and thought it would be interesting to follow the petal shape of the inner part of the card. And these earrings were born!

I really love these. They’re light, loud, and really fun. The cards themselves measure 3″ from point to point. From the front, they’re not so recognizable, but once you see the backs, you know what they are.

It was really fortunate that cutting out that petal shape so nicely framed “UNO” on the back. What’s also really fun about these is that they’re totally customizable. I have a couple sets that I mix and match depending on what I’m wearing. I love wearing partially matched earrings, so I’ll mix up the numbers and colors to suit my mood.

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