Cross Stitch Coasters – Finished!

Cross Stitch Coasters – Finished!

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I have been working on these coasters for ages. Or, more accurately, I started these guys ages ago and haven’t worked on them since.

There were two roadblocks on this project. First, I wanted an even set of 6, and couldn’t think of another pattern that fit with the aesthetic of the others but wasn’t redundant. Second, I had no idea how to finish them. I knew I wanted to use my felt, and even picked the stitch colors so that they corresponded with colors in my felt stash. But, I couldn’t figure out what to do – how to hide the edges, how to attach the two pieces together (glue? hand stitch?). I was contemplating getting some hollow clear plastic coasters especially designed for inserting stitchery. Yes – they do make those. Or using cork board instead of felt to give them a little more stability. The thing that held me back most of all was the amount of time put into each piece. I didn’t want to do anything major to any of them in case I managed to ruin one.

However, I’ve been embracing the motto “finished > perfect”, so I just went for it. I ironed back the edges, keeping them raw. I then clipped the corners to reduce the bulk and rough cut felt pieces larger than I needed for the background. I finished with a quick straight stitch all the way around the coaster, and used my rotary cutter to trim the edges to a width that looked good to my eye.

I had fears that the coasters would be too plush to be functional – maybe that the stitching and layers would make them too wobbly to hold something not as stable as a mug, but they’re fine. The only thing that looks slightly off are the corners, since some are slightly frayed or splayed out. I’m not entirely sure how that could have been avoided… maybe more careful cutting?

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