Laptop Sleeve

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I made a sleeve for my laptop! I thought this was the perfect project for my owl tessellation fabric – it’s a little too loud to be made into a dress or clothing but works well as an accessory. I did some internet research on patterns and my favorite was a customizable laptop sleeve pattern on Sew, Mama, Sew.

It’s a minimally protective sleeve. It’s basically made up of two layers of fabric, and a layer of fusible fleece (which I love! that’s actually what sold me on the pattern… :). It’s not really going to protect your computer against any drops and feels really light when you hold it on it’s own, but on the computer it feels really snug. I’m happy with it. I think the pattern was easy, it looks nice and the fit is amazing.

The only issues I have with the case are regarding the velcro, and those are totally my fault. I ended up getting a super thick type of velcro (at the time, I could only find super thin or super thick… neither being the size I was looking for) and I think it’s way too much. I also didn’t really conceptualize how the pattern would go together when I sewed the velcro on the case front – I forgot to take into the account the thickness of the computer, so it’s a little low. Easy fixes if I were to make another case.

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