Patchwork Wings Halloween Costume

Patchwork Wings Halloween Costume

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It’s finished! A project that I started back in May, and finally finished this weekend, just in time for Halloween. Patchwork wings!

Not the best picture, admittedly… hopefully I’ll get some better shots on Halloween once I complete my full costume (which I need to come up with in the next two weeks).

The history: Earlier this year, Craftzine posted a link to this amazing tutorial on how to make play wings out of fabric scraps.

I saw this picture and instantly knew I needed a pair. Not discouraged by the fact they were made for the blogger’s 3 year old daughter, I decided they would make the perfect Halloween costume. Plus, I knew that if I had a pair of wings, I could find uses for them.

Also in that post, was an adult version of the wings, for a flamingo costume. Not only did it have a complete tutorial, it also showed that they looked great many times the size – adults could pull them off!

My third inspiration was Sufjan Stevens. He had recently come out with two new albums and I saw him in concert… and I somehow ended up with lots of winged pictures of him on my computer.

So I combined all three ideas to create my wings. I had gotten a stash of vintage-y quilting cotton scraps from a Freecycler a few years ago in Berkeley and this seemed like the perfect project for them.

If I had more time, I would love to make a dress to go with them but since I only have one weekend remaining I’m going to have to go shopping in search of one. I do think I will end of making a mask or headband of some sort to tie everything together. I’m super excited for this Halloween – it’s the first time I’ve had a costume in a long while.

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