QR Code with Colored Pattern

QR Code with Colored Pattern

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QR cross stitches are so fun and easy to make because they’re super portable. This is my second attempt of trying to incorporate color into a QR code.

Every QR code has those three distinctive 7×7 squares in the upper, and lower left corners. In the larger ones, there is a smaller square in the lower right quadrant. I decided to highlight those squares and do a large plus-sign design in the middle.

Does it scan? Mostly. Up close it’s not the best, but it consistently works from a small distance. I’m thinking if the colors matched more in darkness (I’m not sure the right color term for that…) it might work better. The patch on my backpack, which is about the same size, works fine when I scan from up close.

In terms of patten, I think this one is much more successful than my previous attempt. It’s difficult to make a pattern stand out because of the random-ness of the code… Color blocking seems to work well, especially when the pattern is obvious. Even this plus looks a little off-kilter on the top because there just to happened to be hardly any pixels in the left most column. I picked the design arbitrarily (“I’ll do a seven pixels thick plus-sign because that’s the width of the squares!”) but in the future it might work better to adjust the design to fit the code.

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