QR Conundrum

QR Conundrum

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What is the difference between these two QR codes? 

One strand from an embroidery floss. It makes all the difference!

I recently acquired a new domain name, and thus wanted to create a new QR code patch for the address. I’ve made some in the past that work near flawlessly; however, this weekend I stitched the patch on the left, and to my dismay, my QR code reader would not read it. At first I thought I had misspelled the address but it wasn’t even recognizing the image as a QR code. My google reader kept calling it a “Flash tag” or bringing up “similar” B&W images.

Two threads from a strand usually are enough for normal cross stitch… it can look slightly sparse but I think less threads make a cleaner image. I’ve learned through this experience that at least three are necessary for the QR code to be functional.

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