Soft Circuits

Soft Circuits

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Workshop Weekend was the weekend following Maker Faire. A bunch of arts/crafts/tech places in the Bay Area were holding workshops where you could learn awesome new skills, from cheese making to working with EL wire. There were a ton of interesting classes, most of which unfortunately were being held at the same time. I ended up picking a Sewing with Electronics workshop held at HackerDojo. There’s a picture of the class (and me!) here.

This class was amazing – it made soft circuits really accessible. I had no idea how easy it was and hope to make more crafts with electronics in the future. We used LEDs, a coin cell battery, and conductive thread to sew circuits in felt. The thread is like a really flexible wire, and can even be put inside a sewing machine (as bobbin thread).

I made three “flowers” which I tried to (unsuccessfully) convert into a necklace. I ended up taking it apart, but the main piece is in the image above. I love the way the flowers look with the LEDs and hope to put them in a future project.

The girl who taught the class gave some great links with resources to learn more about soft circuits and how to program them with a lilypad (a sew-able arduino).

— Leah Buechley’s Lab – the maker of the lilypad
— Becky Stern – e-sewing
— Fashioning Electronics – one of the first books with soft electronics projects
— Katie Dektar’s website – the teacher of the workshop

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