Linoleum Block Printing

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I really wanted to try out linoleum block printing, so I decided to attempt carving my favorite Salt piece in the Marin Headlands (which has been painted over!) – the same inspiration as an early cross stitch.

Cross Stitch Coasters – In Progress

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I’m in need of coasters for my room, and decided to cross stitch some. I started with the idea of “squares” and they’ve evolved into square coasters with a monochromatic square pattern. It’s a work in progress… I’m aiming to … Read More

Needlepoint Magazine Holder

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I have a collection of small zines and wanted to create a special holder for them. I originally was going to purchase a pre-made magazine holder and decorate it, but then I stumbled upon the book Stitch SamplerĀ at Downtown Menlo … Read More