Graffiti Cross Stitch

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My favorite piece of graffiti is by the artist Salt, and exists in the Marin Headlands on Hill 88 (an old abandoned Nike Missile site). My goal was to turn it into a cross stitch, but it’s a pretty complicated piece of two winged centaurs. I ended up simplifying the picture by choosing to convert a close-up of the two figures’ faces.

I made the chart for this cross stitch the old fashioned way: I printed out the photograph, taped a piece of graph paper on top, placed the picture/graph paper on a light box (or in this case, a bright window), and then went through and manually chose which squares to add to the pattern.

I included a picture of the back of the piece so you can admire my neat stitches, and see how cool cross stitch looks from the back side (lots and lots of vertical rows!).

Below is a shot of the entire graffiti.



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