Sprout Patterns & 2 Archer Button Ups

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Over time, I’ve learned to choose my creative projects wisely. When you make and make and make, you tend to accumulate stuff. Every kind of craft needs its own set of tools. Every project needs materials. Every completed item needs … Read More

Crocheting Yarnbomb Projects

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A month ago I put up a crochet yarnbomb in a funny little “park” in Santa Clara, CA. My motivation for this yarnbomb was to practice my crochet, and to play around with beatifying chain link fences (which are among the … Read More

Mario Question Block Earrings

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Or: How to convert pixel images into cross stitch. I made a series of pixellated cross stitch pieces some time ago and the question block earrings are my favorites. Converting images into cross stitch patterns is not terribly difficult, though it … Read More

Interview at Ishknits’ blog!

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Just a quick note that I’ve been interviewed about my yarnbombs over at Ishknits’ blog. Ishknits (Jessie Hemmons) is a famous yarnbomber from Philly. Her Skillshare class motivated me to put up my first piece – I highly recommend it!

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