Hi, I’m Ally!

I'm an artist and learning designer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. My goal in life is to acquire all skills -- something that's apparent upon looking through my site! I've designed projects and materials for educational organizations, technology companies, and non-profits around the Bay Area, including Stanford University, the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum, Conservation Corps North Bay, Uber, and Education Elements.

Multimedia Design

I've been involved in a broad range of projects for Psychology and Linguistics experiments at Stanford University, including directing and editing video clips, creating voice recordings, and drawing images in Illustrator. I've designed materials used in experiments with children and adults, and in eye-tracking, crowdsourcing and behavioral experiments.

Research Education

Participating in research studies is a novel and potentially frightening experience, especially for young children. I've illustrated an iPad storybook for parents to read with their children, explaining in a clear and non-intimidating way about what goes on in a research study at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum.

Community Art Projects

In collaborative art projects, individual contributions join together to make a big statement. I've designed two large scale community art projects for Conservation Corps North Bay service events. I was also the coordinator of ArtSeed's first annual Art-a-thon fundraiser, a twelve hour marathon art making event.

DIY Knowledge

Today, any skill is at your disposal through the magic of libraries and the internet, or alternative means of education, like online classes. I actively participate in DIY education as a student and love assisting other autodidacts in acquiring their own skill sets. This form of knowledge is one of my passions.

Public Art Installations

Public installations of art transform public spaces. They start dialogues, create a sense of place and community, and bring happiness to passerby. I've created public installations of yarn art around the Bay Area, and love to decorate public areas that have meaning to me.